Endorsed Advanced Physical Intervention

This course is a one-day course. The objective of this course is to teach the individuals the correct use of force and techniques appropriate to the different situations they may encounter. Physical intervention skills may be needed in some workplaces to manage challenging behaviour safely. Our physical intervention skills are based on natural movements that do not rely on strength or aggression.

This course is designed for people who, on a frequent basis, as part of their job, they may have to remove or detain individuals. Those may include Police officers, hospital security, hospital porters, various security organisations, Prison Officers, Bailiffs, Close protection officers and certain aspects of nursing. These techniques meet guidelines in various areas of the security industry but go further to address current issues and developments. The additional techniques have been medically risk assessed to the standards of the Institute of Conflict Management. They are currently being taught to various personnel working within the NHS, Mental Health Institutions, elderly care, residential homes, schools, retail establishments, enforcement officers, bailiffs, security personnel, door supervisors and other organisations.

The Course content is as follow:

  • Containment techniques
  • Current Home Office restraining/ extraction techniques
  • Effective breakaways
  • Non-pain restrain/extraction techniques
  • Quick response team work
  • Relevant law- use of reasonable force

This course is the only package that has been risked assessed independently and medically by ICM (Institute of Conflict Management) and meets the guidelines of Home Office. This course is endorsed by NOCN Awarding Body.

This course is based on modular so therefore it can be tailored to meet any requirement based on your role and risk assessment.
This Course can be taught on its own but Hartmann Training recommend that it is taught with a good communications or conflict management training.


Q: I am Already a Licence Door Supervision holder; do I need this course?

The answer is no you do not need it. As a SIA licenced Door Supervisor you will have completed the level 2 physical intervention. This course is designed to further your knowledge and gain confidence.

Q: Are there any requirement:

You will need to be physically fit to attend this course and you will be asked to sign a medical declaration form to state that you are fit enough to attend. You do not have to be at a ‘’professional standard’’ of fitness and this is only to declare any injuries which may stop you from attending the course. You are also required to have a basic level of English literacy, language and numeracy.

Q: How much does the course cost?

The Endorsed Advanced Physical Intervention course is £100. (this will include certification fees.)

Q: How can I book the Endorsed Advanced Physical Intervention Course?

You can either pay online via the checkout link on this website. It will be processed by Paypal and you will get an invoice automatically.

You can call on 07742 946 678 or you can visit the training centre at: 45a, Station Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1NZ.

Please note that a £50 deposit will be required if you book over the phone or in person.

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