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Hartmann Training Limited has a wealth of experience to draw upon. Our managing director is a member of the Institute of Conflict Management and has spent over 14 years in the security industry, both in Conflict Management and Door Supervision, working with some high profile establishments and clients.

As a society, it seems that we are increasingly being confronted with difficult, violent or dangerous situations. Finding yourself in such a situation can be frightening, and you often won’t know what to do; even trained professionals can be taken unawares.

Experience counts for everything in this type of situation, the days of stereotypical ‘doormen’ are numbered and more often than not, many are ill-equipped to professionally deal with such a situation. Hartmann Training Limited have introduced a range of specialist courses and packages that aims to change that, the emphasis being on management; working proactively to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved.

Using techniques and methods that have been learned and developed through many years of professional conflict management, our training course will teach its participants tried and tested methods to react in a suitable way, early warning signs of potential conflict and what needs to be done to comply with any legislation, law and client instruction. The security industry is undergoing significant change; no longer is it acceptable to employ the type of person that only knows one method of dealing with conflict.

Your security staff are part of your public profile and, aside from representing your organisation in a more professional manner, the benefits as an employer of security staff that have been properly trained in conflict management are: less conflict (it is much easier to bring things to a close amicably earlier in the conflict), reduced sickness levels, lower absenteeism and a reduction in overall stress levels, of course, you also have the knowledge that your staff are some of the best trained in the industry.

Hartmann Training Limited offer specialised courses to private companies, local authorities, enforcement agencies and even individuals.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of employing, or the training of professional conflict managers, contact us to discuss your needs and requirements. One of our friendly team will be happy to talk you through the options and will only ever give you straightforward, unbiased advice.

Hartmann Training Limited are working hard to improve the security industry, both for employers and the public. Let us show you how.

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